Welcome to Healing Thru Nature. Our mission is to reconnect humanity with Nature. All it really takes is spending time outdoors. Nature heals and balances anyone who chooses to dwell within its silent, peaceful power. It does not judge or discriminate based on physical, economic or religious criteria. Nature only offers unconditional love and healing through itself. No separation exists between Mother Earth and us, except those illusory boundaries created by the ego mind.

Being in Nature reconnects us with our resting state – pure Stillness. Many people have forgotten this elemental bond because of modern ego distractions promoted through the mass media based on greed and materialism. All of these diversions prevent us from experiencing inner peace – they’re literally designed to keep us off balance.

Our process involves reintroducing people with this subtle vibration through short meditation videos, learning material & personalized consultations. We actively travel to sacred sites around the country, recording both drone and ground footage to capture their natural beauty and power. Afterwards, we mindfully produce them into meditative visual content for people to access on their personal devices like smart phones, tablets and computers as streaming media.

We’re being called back to Nature and its healing embrace. The natural world yearns to reconnect with humans both as individuals and a species – now is the time to answer that call.

Thanks for your interest in Healing Thru Nature!