Welcome to Healing Thru Nature. Our mission is to help reawaken humanity’s intrinsic connection with Nature. All it really takes is going outside and spending time there on a regular basis. This is a 1-step process and requires no special training or knowledge.

Nature has the capacity to heal and balance everyone through regular exposure to its silent, peaceful power. It does not judge or discriminate based on physical, economic and/or religious criteria. It only offers unconditional love and healing through itself. No separation exists between Mother Earth and us, except those illusory boundaries created by the mind.

This is why you are encouraged to leave cell phones, mp3 players and other digital devices behind when dwelling outdoors. Nature reconnects us with our resting state – pure Stillness. Many have forgotten this sacred bond because of a modern culture driven by entrenched ego distractions like technology, entertainment and materialism.

We’re being called back to Nature and its healing embrace. The natural world yearns to reconnect with humans both as individuals and a species.

Thanks for your interest in Healing Thru Nature!